Our History

History of Jebsen & Co. and MF Jebsen Group: 

1895 Jacob Jebsen started Jebsen & Co as a shipping agency that quickly develops into a trading company.

1897 Jebsen & Co signs an agreement with BASF to trade indigo dye. This represents her first major trading activity.

1903-07 Jebsen & Co joins forces with other companies between Tianjin and Guangzhou. The company opens offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou.

1906 Jebsen & Co acquires the Blue Girl Beer brand.

1930 Jebsen & Co obtains the Mercedes Benz agency for the Chinese market.

1953 Jebsen & Co imports the first Volkswagen Beetle car into Hong Kong by air.

1955 Jebsen & Co imports the first Porsche car into Hong Kong.

1961 Lufthansa begins flying to Hong Kong with Jebsen & Co as its agent.

1970s China's doors are reopened to a handful of companies – Jebsen & Co is among them.

1986-93 Jebsen & Co establishes companies in Korea, Australia, Taiwan and Vietnam. The company also takes part in its first joint venture with Hua Yi in Shenzhen.

1995 Jebsen & Co celebrates 100th anniversary.

2002, Descendant of Jebsen family, Markus F. Jebsen set up MF Jebsen Group. With the network advantage across a variety of industries, MF Jebsen Group invests in dynamic management teams and businesses with long-term growth potential.

MF Jebsen Group

The MF Jebsen Group of companies brings together a history of family businesses stretching back more than 100 years. Jacob Jebsen and Heinrich Jessen founded their Hong Kong trading company, Jebsen & Co. Ltd, in 1895, initially as a shipping agency before branching out into the import and export trade.


Throughout the subsequent periods of turbulence and change the company has developed a significant presence in the region and in China particularly. With head office in Hong Kong, the MF Jebsen Group is headed by Executive Chairman Markus F Jebsen, a direct descendant of the Jebsens who first captained vessels plying the trade routes between Europe and Asia during the 18th and 19th centuries. The Group continues its investment in dynamic management teams and businesses that sustain long-term growth as worldwide leaders, with a network that now spans a wide variety of industries:


Airline Representation

Pacific Aviation Marketing acts, through its subsidiaries, as GSA and marketing agent for many leading international air carriers.



Aston Martin (HK) Ltd is the exclusive Hong Kong dealer for Aston Martin cars, including the DB7, DB9 and Vanquish marques.



Investments in the sustainable development of land, commercial forest and farming operations in the US, Europe and Africa .



Jebsen Insurance is an agent for Zurich Insurance Company, CGU International Insurance PLC, QBE Hong Kong and Shanghai Insurance Ltd and Swiss Insurance Management (HK) Ltd. The company is currently establishing an insurance brokerage.



MF Jebsen Electronics Limited ("MFJEL"), established in 2012, is an enterprising member of MF Jebsen Group engaging in electronic components, supply chain management and IoT solutions provider.


Combining the technical competence with its strong corporate background, MFJEL is geared to drive a wider application of electronic components in IoT solutions, including location tracking technology, self-powered sensor network as well as to spread its wings in audio product market.



Jebsen Travel is one of the top ten IATA-accredited travel agencies in Hong Kong, with branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The company provides both wholesale, retail (Jebsen Holidays) and corporate travel management services (BCD Travel Hong Kong) to customers.

You can reach the Group website for more information: http://www.mfjebsen.com.